Micro Fiber Swabs
Micro Fiber SwabsMicro Fiber Swabs



Disposable, clean and sanitary, prevent infection, Different sizes for different needs
Use: Bonding agents, Smear, Etchants, Sealants,R emove eyelash extension.
Microfiber Brush Tube:Consist of non-linting non-absorbent fibers arranged in a spherical shape.Micro shape allow for precise application in difficult for reach areas.Special design with brush handle ,you can make it bend on various angles to reach needs.The container has a hole in the lid so you can just shake one out at a time if you want which is nice.

Disposable Micro Brush Applicator Eyelash Extension:The small microfiber tip is ideal for removing single eyelash extensions that were placed incorrectly without disturbing surrounding lashes.The lint-free, brush tip coats lashes without the hindrance of cotton particles that can become lodged around the lash bond.
Micro brushes swabs:Used for cosmetic diuretic acid or liquid cream.With microfiber brush controling the amount ,the maximum savings in liquid to avoid waste, can also be used for makeup, makeup remover and so on. Holds solutions securely without dripping. Flexible tip bends easily for even greater precision.


For hot drinks:

  • Start with a clean thermos. 
  •  Warm your thermos by filling it with boiling water. Put the lid on. Let it sit for a few minutes then pour out the water.
  • Once your thermos is warm, quickly add boiling hot drinks and put the lid on tightly.

For cold drinks: 

  • Start with a clean thermos. 
  • Chill your thermos in the fridge or freezer. 
  • You can also fill the thermos with ice and water. Put the lid on. Let it sit for a few minutes to cool then pour out the water. 
  • Once the thermos is chilled, quickly add cold drink (at or below 4°C or 40°F) and put the lid on tightly.


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