Elleeplex ProFusion In-House Brow Lamination Course
Elleeplex ProFusion In-House Brow Lamination CourseElleeplex ProFusion In-House Brow Lamination Course
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For licensed professionals only.  90 Days to complete after purchase*.

This TGA free formula makes the service gentle, vegan, and best of all nourishing. This formula is perfect for fine lashes, as well as beginner lash lifters. This innovative system offers a gorgeous grow out with minimal chance to over-process. 

This Course Only Teaches Brow Lamination, does not include Lash Lift

Your purchase includes:

-Elleeplex Pro Fusion Lash/Brow Lamination Start Kit (15-30 lash lift services)

-Elleeplex Pro Fusion Lash Lamination Student Manual

-Elleeplex Clear Mascara

- 5 pack of Gel Pads

-100 pack of Microswabs

-1 squeeze bottle for rinsing

- Comprehensive theory and instruction from your trainer

- Access to past student private page filled with advanced tips and tricks

- NEW Elleeplex Pro Fusion Student Manual

- Official Elleeplex Pro Fusion Certificate (after 5 case studies are turned in and       accepted)

-An invitation to the Official FB Private Support Group for your on going support and access to the newest releases.

*case studies need to be submitted within 90 days from course purchase date to prevent having to pay a 50 reactivation fee.







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