Elleebana Lash Lift + Belmacil In-House Course
Elleebana Lash Lift + Belmacil In-House CourseElleebana Lash Lift + Belmacil In-House CourseElleebana Lash Lift + Belmacil In-House Course
January 24th 2021March 21st 2021April 18st 2021

Are you ready to learn the hottest service in town? Well you have come to the right place. My one day class will leave you feeling ready to bring your clients the best lashes around. This is what you can expect.

Your class will Include...

Elleebana Student Kit that will yield 15-30 clients per service

Belmacil Student Kit that will yield 50-60 uses per color, 100 uses from the oxidant

Evolved Manual and Certificate*. 

  • One Day Class 9am-6pm at  POP Society Pro   2488 Newport Blvd Unit C Costa Mesa, CA 92627
  • You won't have to open any of your kits, as all products will be provided for you…yay!
  • 2 Live Practice Models will be provided for you to hone in your new craft.
  • Never worked on lashes, no problem. A mannequin head will be provided to practice handling the rods, shields and lifting tools, all to be ready to work on both your live models.
  • Extra goodies will be added to your already perfect lash kit. The full sized elleebana lash lifting tool, the perfect rinsing squeeze bottle, the perfect notebook to take those much needed notes

In addition to items you will be receiving

  • My processing times not found in kit or manual
  • My advanced explanation for Lash Stretching,
    Lash Plateauing, how to assess your clients lash density and so much more.
  • And we can’t forget, how to create the perfect image to showcase your new, ever growing work, along with how to turn in your case studies to get certified.
  • Continued support with me Yvette Master Trainer USA
    *case studies need to be submitted within 3 months from course date to prevent having to pay $50 extension fee.


  • 15 Setting & Lifting Lotions
  • Silicone Rod Combo Pack
  • Elleebana Glue
  • Advanced After Care Elleeplex
  • 100 MIcro Swabs
  • 5 Pairs of Eye Pads
  • Elleebana Makeup remover
  • 50 Mascara Wands
  • Small Lash Lift Tool 


  • 2 in 1 Tint and Eye Makeup Remover 125ml
  • 4 Colors: Black, Blue Black, Dark Brown and Light Brown
  • Oxidant Creme 125ml Gentle on Clients, our stabilized developer is a unique formulation 
  • Belma Shield Protective Balm-Gentle eye/brow balm will allantion & marshmallow extract
  • Belma 2 in 1 tint mixing dish with brush rest
  • Eyebrow brush & comb 
  • Application Brush


Elleebana Rods
Extreme Shields
Isolator Tool,Elleebana - Pop Society Professional


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