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Curriculum release: February 2011
You have 3 months to complete your training. After 3 months, you will no longer have access to this course material. If you need more time, there will be a $50 extension fee for an additional month.

COURSE DESCRIPTION: During this course, you will learn the fundamentals and core techniques necessary to become a successful Elleebana lash lifting artist. You benefit from receiving personalized attention from the skilled national instructor all while at home. This course will set you up to learn, practice, and demonstrate your skills on live models with confidence. After successfully completing the course, you will be sent an official Elleebana certificate which will open the opportunity for you to grow your clientele and grow your business.



1. Please return completed student form emailed to you in your welcome letter. You can print and email to yvette@elleebana.com 

2.When you first receive your manual you must schedule a virtual meeting with me here. We use zoom chatrooms for our meetings. You must download the software to your computer Click here. We MUST go over the manual together. It will take about 90 minutes. Afterwards you should read the FAQ page several times. I cant emphasize enough how resourceful this page is! This will be your go-to for all of your 'trouble shooting'.

3. After our meeting, begin to read through all modules below and watch the videos (the tutorial videos are private and not accessible to the public). Begin with the first module- do not skip ahead. While completing the reading and watching the videos, please write down any questions you would like to have answered- we ask that you hold your questions for the second meeting with the instructor because we tend to answer your questions in our modules.

4. Take instructors quiz.

5. Schedule second virtual meeting with instructor. We will go over your questions and results from the quiz.

6. Begin your case studies. You have to submit 5 total case studies. You must submit one at a time and get approval by the instructor before moving on to the next case study. See case study page here. You must send a completed checklist form for each case study by email.

Module 1: The Elleebana Lash Lift

  • What is it?
  • Benefits
  • Health & Safety
  • Documents

This in-salon treatment leaves lashes lifted and curled without the need for a lash curler. And the best part? the results are instant with very little maintenance. The lifted effect also brings out the full length of every individual lash, making them look instantly longer. The lash lift procedure has revolutionized old, inadequate perming techniques. Using silicone pads instead of perm rods, this new technique can lift, straighten or curl, and lengthen natural lashes to create a brighter, fuller, wide eyed look. No need for extensions and the associated aftercare, this will last clients 6-8 weeks.

Elleebana Lash Lift offers an ultra-hydrating keratin treatment option that clients and professionals will love. This service is time saving, creates incredible income potential, and highlights your clients' natural beauty. Lash lifts are a fantastic option for everyone who is interested in dark, luscious, and beautifully curled lashes with low-maintenance and minimal commitment. 

What makes Elleebana better? 

• Faster application techniques saving you time.

• Rod allows for perfect positioning of eyelashes on the silicon rod, giving you better results.

• Makes natural eyelashes appear longer without the use of eyelash extensions. 

• Superior formulation with conditioning and nourishing properties.

• Fast processing formulation, and formaldehyde-free. 

• Suitable for short or long eyelashes. 

• Easy to use - two-use sachets - hygienic - no waste. 

• All items in kit are available to purchase separately.

Client Benefits:

Low Maintenance: A Lash Lift is a very low maintenance technique, and it provides a significant beauty enhancement to the facial area. It accomplishes this by giving the illusion of eyelash length. This makes the eyes appear more open, and results in a more awake and youthful appearance.

Long Lasting: Sometimes, it can last even 12 weeks. For the best results, Elleebana recommends clients get a lash lift every 8 weeks to keep lashes healthy. 

Quick service: Usually takes about 45 minutes to an hour for a lash lift and tint.

Inexpensive compared to extensions: The cost of an Elleebana Lash Lift is $75 and $25 more to add a lash tint.

-A treatment which enhances natural lashes without the need for ongoing maintenance. 

-No need to reach for those eyelash curlers. 

-Makes morning routines quicker. 

-There is no need to wear mascara for a few weeks as the treatment can include a lash tint which darkens the lashes. 

-The lashes look thicker, fuller and longer. 

-The eyes will appear more open and youthful. 

-They are a great alternative to eyelash extensions which can be time consuming to have done and require fills. 

-Low maintenance. 

-Minimal aftercare required. 

-The curl lasts around 6 weeks sometimes 8 depending on the health of the client's lashes and how they take to the treatment. 

-A Lash Lift is perfect for special occasions, weddings / honeymoons or as a regular treat every 3 months. 

Is the procedure safe? Lash lifts are safe. Skin irritation is perhaps the greatest risk of the procedure. The process itself does involve chemicals, including manufactured keratin: Chemicals break up the disulfide bonds in strands of hair, making it possible to reshape the hair.The application of solution 2 “sets” the new shape and stops the initial process of reforming the disulfide bonds in your hair. If you are including tint then this means more chemicals applied to the eye area. 

Does the Lash Lift procedure hurt?No the procedure is totally painless. 

Will the Lash Lift damage natural lashes?No, not if the steps are done with great precaution. Use Elleebanas Keratin Lash Glue; which will replenish the lashes as well as Elleeplex after care.

Can pregnant women receive a lash lift? Yes, there are a few rules. If the client has been receiving lifts before getting pregnant then they are fine throughout their pregnancy . If they are new to lifts and are in their first trimester, we would recommend they wait for to be at least in their 2nd trimester. If they happened to get a reaction while in their first trimester, they wouldn't be able to take any medication.


Please download all documents attached below. Read them and keep note of the purpose of each document.

Full disclosure of ingredients

Used for your case studies

Module 2: Prior to Application

  • Products & Equipment
  • Hygiene
  • Client Consultation
  • Patch Test

To perform Lash Lifting you will be required to have all of the following:

• Massage bed: which is adjustable so clients can lay flat or sit up.

• Trolley: which is large enough to lay out all your required products.

• Stool: ensure your stool is height adjustable and position yourself correctly for the treatment. 

• Magnifying lamp: to magnify the lashes and produce more light, making application a breeze.

• Squeeze bottle: To rinse clients' eyes..

•Q-tips: You will be using these all throughout the service. 

•Timer: To time yourself and the processing times. 

• Please also make sure you have blankets, a headband and bedroll, tissues, cotton wool and a mirror.

• Please ensure you have correct medical malpractice insurance or professional indemnity insurance and thatyour insurance provider is aware that you are now offering this treatment. If you do not currently hold thesetypes of cover your professional association should be able to recommend a suitable insurance holder for you.


In order to be a successful lash artist, it is extremely important to keep your hands and workstation sanitized, as well as all your lash supplies properly decontaminated, to avoid the spreading of any germs or eye infections.Because every state has different laws regarding decontamination, it’s important to know your local health department’s rules and regulations. In order to make sure you are following all of your state decontamination laws, it is also very important to understand the differences between cleaning, sanitizing, disinfecting, and sterilizing. 

Always use great caution when performing eyelash treatments as you are working very close to the eye. 

• Pay particular attention to personal hygiene. 

• Hands must be washed and sanitized before and after every client and during the treatment as appropriate; 

• Clean nails every day as they are a haven for bacteria. 

• Avoid breathing directly over the client, you could choose to wear a face mask. 

• Make sure that all your tools have been sanitized with alcohol pads before and after each client. 

• Towels, bed linen, gowns and headbands should be changed between each client, and washed at a high temperature. 

 These are the 4 methods of decontamination. 

1) Cleaning: Using warm water and soap; eliminating surface particles. 

2) Sanitizing: Using Alcohol; which eliminates or reduces bacteria. 

3) Disinfecting: Using Barbicide or Germicides; this method reduces bacteria to a safe level. 

4) Sterilizing: Using high heat; kills all living organisms on non-porous, hard surfaces.

As a lash artist, you will mostly need to concern yourself with knowing the proper methods of sanitizing and disinfecting. Listed below are instructions for sanitizing and disinfecting your work station, your lash supplies, and even yourself, to stop the spreading of germs or possible infections. 

Sanitizing your work station:Dispose of everything that is non-reusable. (Eye pads, micro-brushes, lash wand, etc. *We recommend sending the lash wand home with the client for their own maintenance).  Clean workstation with a disinfectant wipe. (This includes anything that you or your tools touched during the service.) 

Self-sanitation:Wash hands thoroughly in between each client with warm water and soap for 30 seconds.Keep hand sanitizer at your station for use during service. (Apply at least a dime-sized amount of hand sanitizer to the palm of one hand. Rub hands together for 30 seconds, for product to be effective).

Disinfecting your lash supplies:*Reusable tools must be cleaned properly before disinfection. Any surface debris will reduce the effect of the disinfectant, and can cause cross-contamination.Disinfecting steps:Clean reusable tool with warm water and soap.Use fresh disinfectant, and follow the instructions on the disinfectant.Remove reusable tool after recommended time. Rinse the equipment in clean water to remove residue.Dry the tool with a clean, lint-free cloth, or allow to air dry. Cover tool with a clean cloth, or store in a closed container. 

Remember lash artist: The eye is very delicate and sensitive part of the body. It is extremely important that you keep your work station clean, and that you take the time to sanitize and disinfect all tools used between clients.We recommend giving yourself at least 10-15 min between each lash service. This way you have time to properly clean and tidy your lash bed, organize and sanitize everything at your work station, disinfect all your tools, and thoroughly wash your hands before your next client arrives. We have also found that it can be helpful to have a second set of tweezers on hand, for use when the other set is in the disinfectant.Don’t forget to look up your local laws and regulations regarding decontamination, as they vary from state to state. Following these laws will keep your clients safe, and reduce the spreading of germs and/or serious eye infections.

It’s easy to dismiss a consultation as a formality, something that eats into your time when you could be earning money, but a consultation is where your service begins. It sets the tone for everything that follows, and you’re really selling yourself short if you don’t take the time to do it properly. Of course, the main reason for a consultation is to ensure there are no contraindications, but you are also demonstrating to your client that you know what you’re doing. You want her to be completely satisfied with her treatment – and you can only do that if you know exactly what her expectations are.

So where should you start?

As with all client consultations please ensure that the location of the consultation is relaxed and private. Be sure to discuss with yourclient eye sensitivity and claustrophobia, and ask them to remove contact lenses if they use them. Ask your client to bring glasses for when they take out their contacts. Please also refer to your contra-indications document at this stage. Be sure to inform your client about the procedure and that their eyes are required to stay closed at alltimes during the treatment. Be sure to consult with the client about their expectations for the treatment. Provide some before and after photos for your clients so they can get a realistic view on what this particular lash enhancement treatment will have as a finished result. 

Note her eye shape and lash length so you can expect what rod size to use. Look at her lashes, are they thin, sparse, thick, abundant, short, to determine density and therefore the preparation time. Chat about her lifestyle and age, and determine whether their habits will have an affect on the lift. Most importantly, find out what look your client wants to achieve with a lash lift: natural, or dramatic.  

Have a mirror handy and take notes building a file on your client’s desires or previous lash treatment history. This consultation phase isso important for you to understand your client’s expectations and so they can understand the treatment. 

Suggestions for consultations:

Compliment your client and build their trust in your knowledge of the treatment that you offer. Identify what they like and don’t like about their eye area and lashes.

Discuss the current state and condition of their lashes. 

Ask them about previous lash treatments that they have had and what they liked or didn’t like, be sure to mention the importance ofaftercare and using the correct make up remover.

Make suggestions based on what you think might look suitable for them.

Finish by explaining the treatment to them and what it will feel like after as well as explaining the very important after care steps thatneed to be taken into account.

If the client wants a very dramatic look and asks if you can apply extensions after the lift: Tell the client that you can apply extensions however you wouldn't recommend it because the lashes are still a bit malleable from the Elleebana solutions and the extensions could hinder the lift.

Very few people have a reaction to the lotion but that doesn’t mean it wont ever happen. What one person reacts to, another is fine with. This is why you can opt to offer a patch test 24 hours beforehand. A patch test is quick and simple. It consists of you placing 2 drops of each lotions behind the clients ear or on the crook of their elbow for 15 minutes. Wiping it off and waiting to see if any subsequent irritation occurs over the next 24 hours such as redness, itching or inflammation for example. If the client doesn't agree to a patch test, then they must sign an indemnity form.

Module 3: The Application

  • Set up
  • Timing & Density
  • Rod & Lash Placement 
  • Application Tips
  • Solutions Application
  • Lash Stretching
  • Video Tutorial

Make sure you have all products ready and at hand to begin your service. Working on the eyelashes will take patience and skill. So work neatly and slowly. If you would like to work with gloves make sure and wash your hands before as well as after you have your gloves on.

 Wash and dry your hands, your equipment should already be sanitized. 

• Wrap a protective hair band around your client’s head, place a pillow under their head and ensure they are comfortable. 

• Using Belma Remove on a makeup remover pad, cleanse and remove all make up from the eye area and lashes. Lightly rinse eye with and lash area with distilled water then dry thoroughly: Use kidney dish or eye rinse squeeze bottle. 

• Place gel pads over bottom lashes to keep them down. Don't place too close to waterline. The main purpose of the gel pads is to keep the bottom lashes down. You do not need to place them high up.

Density & Processing Timing Key for first time clients: (you will use this key to determine the solution processing times for your client based on which category their lashes fall under) 

1. Very fine to fine - 4min for lift lotion & 3min for setting lotion 

2. Fine/medium - 5min for lift lotion & 3min for setting lotion 

3. Medium - 6min for lift lotion & 4min for setting lotion 

4. Medium/thick - 6min for lift lotion & 4min for setting lotion 

5. Thick - 7min for lift lotion & 5min for setting lotion 

For returning clients (consistent returning clients that return every 8 weeks): 

You will want to start to downgrade their processing time by at least 30sec. There will be a point (2nd or 3rd appointment) where they will plateau and they will stay with shorter processing times. (Refer to images below)

 Please take note* 
1. Timing is adjusted according to lash density.

2. Lash length does not = lash density 
3. Downward facing lashes do not affect timing. 


Set a timer when applying the lift lotion to the eyes to see how much time it takes you to apply. If it takes you more than 1 minute to apply the lift lotion to both eyes you must deduct any time past the 1 minute grace period from your processing time. Apply this protocol for both the lift lotion and the setting lotion. 

Example scenario: 

 - Your client has thick lashes with a 6 min processing time for lift lotion. 

 - It takes you 2 minutes (1min per eye) to apply the lift lotion to both eyes. 

 - Deduct 1 minute from your original 6min time 

 - Set timer for 5min 

 - Then repeat protocol for setting lotion

Tips to determine density 

Very fine/fine - Thin sparse brow hair, little to no bottom lashes, more resistance, lashes will not lay down easily without bending in multiple directions (zig-zag), typically flawless/lucid/poreless skin. 

Fine-medium/Medium - Full brows, average amount of bottom lashes, less resistance to curl onto rod, typically client has more pores. 

Thick - Bushy brows, visibly thicker top and bottom lashes, client typically claims their lashes are stubborn. 

*Below are picture examples to help you determine what density category your client falls under: 

Very Fine Lashes

Average is 4/3 min. You can go as low as 3/2min. Lashes will plateau at these processing times.

Closed Eye

Opened Eye Before Lift 

Opened Eye After Lift

Fine Lashes


Lashes would plateau at4/3min

Closed Eye

Opened Eye Before Lift

Opened Eye After Lift

Medium Lashes

5.5/3.5 - 5/3. Plateau time can go as low as 4/3min.

Closed Eye

Opened Eye Before Lift

Opened Eye After Lift



Plateau time can go as low as 4/3min

Closed Eye

Opened Eye Before Lift

Opened Eye After Lift

Thick Lashes

7/5min. 2nd app at 6/4min. Final plateau will go as low as 5/3min

Closed Eye

Opened Eye Before Lift

Opened Eye After Lift

During your consultation, you should've assessed your clients lashes and asked what type of look they are trying to achieve. You will select the rod size depending on if they want a dramatic curl or softer curl. The smaller in rod size, the more dramatic the curl. The bigger the rod, the softer the curl. You determine the perfect rod match by rolling the lashes back onto the rod, and looking at where the lash tips land. 

For a more dramatic curl: The tips should land at the edge of the rod or even over.

For a softer curl: The tips should land 1/2- 3/4 up the rod.

Once the rod size has been selected apply a thin coating of the keratin lash glue to the back of the silicone rod. Gently pull back the clients' eyelid slightly (just enough to stretch out the loose skin) and then adhere the silicone rod to the lid. Place the rod on the very edge of the lid as close as possible to the root of the lashes without crossing over. 

• Take your lash glue and begin applying the glue in the middle of the rod. Only glue a small portion at a time. Begin glueing the lashes that are off-centered, then the ends, working your way back to the center. We start with the center/off centered lashes because In the case that you need to reposition the rod, the shift wont really affect the middle lashes as much as it would the end lashes.

• Using the lash lifter, lift, roll and wrap the lashes firmly around the silicone rod and hold the lashes on the silicone rod for a brief moment, encouraging them to stay in this position. 

• Lift and adhere a few lashes at a time, until all lashes are in place. At this point it is important to remember that the direction of the lash must be the direction that you want the final result to be. If the lashes are crossed over this will be how they position themselves after the treatment also.

• Using the lash lifter from a different angle, you can encourage the lashes tothe correct position and prevent any crossing over of the lashes. Separate the lashes as much as possible.

• If the lashes are lifting off the rod it may be due to not enough glue - apply a small amount of glue to the required area of the rod andpress the lash to adhere – repeat this for any stray lashes so that your result is every lash is stuck to the silicone rods.

*When glue is dry it should appear matte. If it appears shiny you applied too much glue.

*Make sure the lashes are very tight

Here is an example of lashes that are not placed correctly on the rod. Tips are all pointed into a triangle. Shiny-signs of too much glue. 

Lashes should be pulled high and tight. Waterline of the eye is visible. Rod is never laying on top of the eye pad. Eye pads should allow the lower lashes to show, otherwise the eye pad may cause irritation or pull solution into the eye. Perfect glue application. Not shiny. Always matte.

DO NOT cover the lash tips with thesolution. EVER. Solution is thick, ensuring that it penetrates all layers of the lashes. Waterline is free of any solution.

Some clients will just need to be taped. Micro pore tape, soft tape, nexcare sensitive etc. Make sure you can see the water line before applying solution. This will prevent solution getting into the eye.

Prevent your glue from building up. Always keep glue standing upright. Seal lid tight. Use an alcohol wipe to remove build up.

Trim to fit close set eyes or wider nose bridges. This will make the rod lay nicely onto their lid. You as the artist can decided to trim the inner or outer side. We typically cut the inner. Having an extra set of cut rods in an option.

Never let your tool build up glue. Always wiping it clean when your working.

Pro Tip

*REMEMBER* Glue is timeless, take as much time needed to lift the lashes in place. There is a fine line between just enough glue and too much glue. Your cue is. If it looks shinny or wet and the lashes are dry, then you have added too much, and it needs to be addressed. A little wet cotton swab will do the trick. The lashes need to look matte once dry. This ensures the lash solutions will be able to penetrate and lift correctly.

Solution Perimeter Protocol
I encourage my students to be conservative when applying solution. It's easier to add more solution than it is to take away. Apply the solutions in a line across the lashes to a certain point (your perimeter boundary) up the lashes. This point depends on the rod size you use. 
Small/medium rod size: Apply solution 1/4 up the lash from the base of the lash.
Large/Xlarge rod size: Apply solution 1/2 up the lash from the base of the lash.

  •  Open the Lifting Solution (Solution 1) sachet. I do not like to dump the contents in a dish because I feel that I end up wasting product. (Be sure to check the expiration dates on the sachets. If the sachet is "bloated", filled with air, it has been exposed to too much heat). One sachet has enough solution for two clients. The sachets have a 24hr shelf life once opened. 
  • Time yourself while you apply solution 1 to both eyes (Grace Period Protocol) 
  • Squeeze a small portion of solution out of the sachet and take a micro swab and swipe up the solution. Dab the lashes with solution 1 in a line across the lash up to your perimeter point, DO NOT cover the tips with solution. - DO NOT let lifting solution enter eyes or touch the skin. 
  • Repeat the application of solution 1 on the other eye. 
  • Set processing time (deduct time from initial time if needed) then wait... 
  • If any of the solution gets on the tips of the lashes, use a clean q-tip to gently remove without disturbing the lashes from the rods. If the solution is on the tips of the lashes the result will be over-styled and undesirable. 
  •  After the solution has been left on for the required amount of time - remove the solution by using the side of your micro swab, move upwards in a scraping motion to collect all of solution 1 off the lashes. Dry wipe off the lifting solution first, then dampen a q-tip with a small amount of cold water to dab rinse off the lifting solution. Be careful not to disturb the lashes. Repeat 3 times for each eye. Fan to dry.


  • Next, Open the Setting Solution (solution 2) sachet. Squeeze a small portion of solution 2 out of the sachet and take a NEW micro swab and swipe up the solution.  
  • You’ll need to time yourself again while you apply solution 2 (Grace Period Protocol). 
  • Dab the lashes with solution 2 in a line across the lash up to your perimeter point.
  • Repeat the application of solution 2 on the other eye. 
  • Set processing time (deduct time from initial time if needed) then wait... 
  • After the processing time is complete for solution 2, take the side of that new micro swab and move upwards in a scraping motion to collect all of solution 2 off the lashes.Dry wipe off the lifting solution first, then dampen a q-tip with a small amount of cold water to dab rinse off the setting solution. Repeat 3 times for each eye. 
  • Take a wet q-tip and gently move it back and forth across the tips of the lashes, you will see the lashes begin to come off the rod.Once the lashes are fully removed, take a wet q-tip and roll under the rod to remove the rod from the skin. 

*If the client is complaining that there eyes are stinging, be sure to act quickly but calmly. This product is made for the eyes and will not blind the client. First, take the side of a micro swab and "scoop up" the solution. Ask client if this has helped, if not move on to the next step.
Second, take a wet q-tip and remove any excess solution. Ask client if this has helped, if not move onto the next step.
Thirdly, take your squeeze bottle filled with distilled water and rinse the eyes that are irritated. This should be enough to relieve the stinging.

Lash Stretching

Lash stretching is done before Solution 2 (Setting Lotion) is applied. Lashes should be as tight around the rod as they can be for optimal lift. Students tend to want to rush solution application and not spend the time to correct lashes out of place BEFORE solution 2. Use glue or a wet cotton tip to loosen the lashes to prevent pulling the lashes. Taking the tool between the lashes  and the rod and gently pulling straight up to a smooth lift. Remembering lashes slightly stretch.

How to know you need to stretch the lashes:

-When you see space in between the lashes and the rod 

-The roots of lashes have come off the rod

-The lashes have moved and can shift freely

Module 4: Post Application

  • Client Communication
  • Aftercare Products

24 hrs after care: No water, steam, sweat //touching or sleeping on face or side after care - nourish the lashes 3-5x a week with clear keratin//elleevate mascara or nut oil ie: sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil 

Clients lash cycle: Explain what their lashes might look like as those anagen lashes grow out- “what you might notice that the tips of the lashes might have a bend left or right”// the reason for it is the baby lashes (anangen lashes) that are unavoidable have been touched with the solution 1 & 2. your going to see this on some clients more then others and some not at all. 

Returning clients: Clients should never return sooner than 8 weeks. The only reason you would be lifting within 24 hrs would be to relax someone else’s work or this is a returning(not a first time lift) client of yours that you as the artist didn't leave solution on long enough. 

Unnatural vs. natural regrowth: You will be faced with clients that return complaining of wacky, unruly lashes. This is either because of improper care from the client or due to artist error for example: incorrect timing. Or simply it could be just the natural life cycle.

Unnatural vs. natural regrowth

This is not a normal regrowth, there are a few reasons the clients lashes can look like this. However, clients with many anagen lashes will have this as normal grow out.  Another reason could be your client may have been using too much lash serum (latisse etc.). Lastly, it could have been artist error such as leaving the solution on too long.

This is a normal 6-8 week regrowth after a lift. Notice just a few lashes are out of place. The lashes should have minimal kinks.

Elleeplex is a clear lash serum: This lash product is enriched with proteins, amino acids, and vitamin complex ingredients such as keratin, allantoin, and panthenol. It is also specially formulated to help restore proteins, speed up cell generation, increase potassium channels in the cells, and increase moisture levels to the hair.

Elleevate Is an actual mascara that can be applied right after a lash lift. Elleebana’s Elleevate Lash Lift Mascara is made to be an every day lifting mascara for lashes with or without a lash lift. Elleebana’s specially formulated mascara works in conjunction with a lash lift treatment and is gentle enough to be applied immediately after a lift treatment in a salon to enhance the effects. The mascara glides on lashes without clumping, simply providing gorgeous lash enhancement!

Module 5: Pricing Structure

This is one of the top questions we get asked. You should always adjust your pricing to be competitive. Pricing is based on your area, competitors, type of clientele, skill level of artists, and the other service types you provide. Search your surrounding areas to see who offers this service and see what they charge. If you're the first in your area to bring this service, look at your clientele and other service prices to gauge what would be a good price point that clients would be willing to pay. Minimum $55 and maximum $100 for a lash lift only. Pair it with elleevate mascara and charge up to $150. ​ 

The cost of Elleebana Lash Lifting treatments is at the discretion of the technician and will depend on the following. 
-Location of your salon/business 

-How many other salons/therapists are offering this service and at what cost 

-Experience and expertise level 

-Time allocated to perform the treatment

-Whether you want to offer any special promotions or introductory offers. 

The treatment will cost you roughly $5.50 per application and will only take minutes, so it’s a very nice addition to yourregular treatments and will add further sales and a respectable margin. Taking into account that you can achieve aminimum of 30 treatments in a One Shot Kit, your income potential is $2090 per kit (if charging $75 per treatment andincorporating the cost of the product).

Module 6: Photo 101

Please watch the video below. Again, this is a private video and not available to the public

  1. Prep the eyes for the photograph (Always cleanse eye before photographing).
  2. Set up overhead lighting and place ring light on cell phone.
  3. Make sure the camera lens is clean.
  4. Advise your client to look in a specific direction based on your preference . Have the client close opposite eye for maximum focus.
  5. Always focus phone camera on eye. Make sure quality is pristine. 
  6. When ready, ask your client to open then snap as many photos as you can in order to have multiple choices.
  7. Repeat with opposite eye. 
  8. Remember to take the after photos in the exact same position as the before photos.

Our favorite photo editing apps are...


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Module 7: Quiz


Are you ready for the next meeting? Have you read your manual? The modules? Watched all videos? Submitted your quiz?

Please have your questions ready.



The Associated Skin Care Professionals (ASCP) is the nations largest association for skin care professionals providing vital liability insurance. Elleebana has partnered with ASCP to offer our students a discount, saving you $50 a year on your insurance plan- you may also call them and use group name Elleebana.

You can receive Individual professional liability insurance. General/professional/product coverage wherever you work, with the highest-dollar coverage available in the profession: $2 million per incident and $6 million per year; individual aggregate (not shared); and occurrence-based, protecting you from late-filed claims.

If you are ready to apply for liability insurance, you can apply here.


In addition to providing education, our site is a pro shop where professionals like yourself can purchase all the products you need to perform this Elleebana service. 

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