Elleebana Extreme Shields

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The NEW Elleebana EXTREME Lash Lift Shields! Coming in three different sizes (S,M,L), these shields determine the level of lift your client will receive. With precisely shaped silicone bodie, the EXTREME shields are designed to give a distinct lift to natural lashes.

Combo pack: 2 x small, 2 x Medium, 2 x Large

What makes them so special?

-Many brands of Shields use different types of silicone and have different curvatures, the Elleebana Shields have a very smooth silicone allowing great separation for lashes and they have excellent curvature to attach to the eye. The curve on the front of the shield has been designed to give a different result from the silicone rods and allow for an extreme lifting effect from the base of the lashes.

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